About Us 1

What we are

CareerIvy is a placement and recruitment consultancy that is supplying manpower to many
companies across India. We have a significant presence in India emerging as a leading
recruitment consultancy. We partners with our clients to expand their business potential by
providing solutions in all levels of hiring. With our immense expertise in the domain knowledge
we have been successfully able to deliver solutions for all kind of global and local business
industry specific demands.
We act as a link between our clients and the potential candidates.

Why go for our recruitment services

Create value in your manpower strength
At CareerIvy, we ensure that we create value for you with our endeavor for searching the best
talents for you. It does not include solely the filling up of vacancy with matching resumes. The
persons that are sent should fit into the culture of the organization that they are being sent to.
Our initial process of filtration takes care of these activities. We ensure sending the best suited
profiles. Any misfit in the organization can spell harm to your company in the days to come. Our
experience in the field of candidate searching, sorting and shortlisting have made the job easier
for us.

Get the most effective services at the foremost competitive costs

  • We charge very nominal rates in comparison to other recruitment agencies in the India.
  • No charge is taken for new sources recruited in-house.
  • There are no costs to be borne for overhead.

Higher Revenues

  • All round the clock recruitment process is on.
  • You can get critical manpower at lower costs.
  •  We use the latest tools for recruiting and source number of candidates.
  •  You can get to have certain allied services at the same cost itself.

Highly flexible services

  • The in-house persons can devote more of their time for greater value-added jobs.
  • The team of recruits may be scaled up or down as per the industry demand and the orders
    in hand.

Obligations of contract

We are not at all rigid in the terms and conditions of the contract. At CareerIvy, we offer lots of
freedom in easy cancellation and renewal of contracts. We do not believe in putting too much
of bindings on our clients as it strains relationships. This flexibility has many of the clients to
stay back with us.

We believe in long term partnerships

  • Thorough understanding of the business process of the client.
  • Suggesting ways of improvement of the recruitment process.
  • Transparent in our dealings.
  • Competitive rates make clients think several times to dissociate from us.