Types of employee benefits and perks

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Companies offer their employees and workers with a distribution of benefits. These edges area unit essentially varieties of price or services that area unit provided by associate degree leader to his workers for his or her contribution within the performance of the organization. Such edges area unit helpful element of a company’s regular payment package […]

Why is orientation in workplace important?

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Orientation or Induction is the initial vital step within the method of human resource management. It involves making use of the recently appointed workers to the work atmosphere of the organization furthermore on the man workers. Induction could be a socialization method by that the organization seeks to establish a private agent for the accomplishment […]

Different ways to finance your business

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Business finance refers to the funds associate degreed financial support needed by an enterprise for concluding the varied activities regarding concern. It’s required at each stage of a calling cycle. Example: In beginning a business, it’s essential for effort fastened assets, like land, building, plant, and machinery, etc furthermore as for meeting the everyday expenses […]

All about Mergers and Acquisitions

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An enterprise strength grows its business either by physical internal or by external growth. In the case of internal growth, a firm grows step by step over time within the traditional course of the business, through acquisition of recent assets, replacement of the technologically old equipment and also the institution of recent lines of product. […]

Is it important to train employees?

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Training and developing skills of an employee on a continuous basis is very important for an organisation. Training is the process of increasing the knowledge, skills , aptitude and abilities of an employee for doing the specific job in an efficient manner. It entails conveying technical knowledge, manipulative skills, problem solving ability and positive attitude […]

Everything you want to know about NBFC

Non-Banking Financial Company

NBFC’s play an immense role in catering to the customers’ needs that are excluded by banks. It often tends to micro, small and medium enterprises to satisfy their financial requirements.  NBFCs are mediators engaged in the operation of accepting deposits distributing credit and play an important role in channelizing the funds to capital formation. They […]



Manpower management is an integral business management. It is all pervasive to operate and is performed by all managers at the least bit levels in an organization. Personnel managers or human resource managers interpret the progressive desires of the organization and direct individual potential towards a typical goal. These days human resource is taken to be the most necessary resource as a result of the effective usage of the opposite resources of the organization, which depends upon the […]