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Careerivy is a platforms which connects candidates and the employer.

Why CareerIvy?

We understand your requirement and provide the candidates
the way you need it.


Time Saving

CareerIvy helps you save your time to invest in the core work of the organisation instead of going through the lengthy hiring process.

low cost

Low Cost

We know that the main concern of a business is to put a lid on the costs. Our prices are competitive and fair. So, no hassles are faced by the client regarding prices.

wrong hiring

No Wrong Hire

We as a team of chosen professionals take care of the right procedure for hiring to deliver the right candidate to our clients.


Free Replacement

Uncertainty is certain in business. We are there for you in such times by providing free replacement of the candidates within 3 months.

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Filtered Candidates

We believe in delivering the best to our clients. Our team performs multiple screening processes hence, providing the clients with the cream candidates.



To make the hiring process smooth, we take regular follow-ups with the candidates and our clients, creating no communication barrier.

Chartered Accountant
21 June 2020
0-1 Year
Graduate Semi Qualified CA
21 June 2020
0-1 Year
Semi Qualified CA
Delhi NCR
0-2 Years
Chartered Accountant
2-3 Years

Ready to hire

We understand your requirement and provide the candidates the way you need it.

Ready to get placed

We understand your requirement and provide the candidates the way you need it.

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