Types of employee benefits and perks

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Companies offer their employees and workers with a distribution of benefits. These edges area unit essentially varieties of price or services that area unit provided by associate degree leader to his workers for his or her contribution within the performance of the organization. Such edges area unit helpful element of a company’s regular payment package for attracting workers. The benefits function motivation to the workers and prevent them to figure more durable for the organization. These facilities jointly facilitate in developing worker job satisfaction.

These banks do a lot of capital or non-financial, long-term or short term, free or at concessional rates. They are going to collect academic, household, medical, or recreational facilities. Such facilities are provided one by one or together and within or outside the organization. that the employee edges unit the comforts and conjointly the facilities given to employees to change them to work in an especially healthy and peaceful atmosphere.

 The employee lists of a corporation typically includes:-

  • A remunerative wage structure that motivates those operators to contribute their greatest price to the enterprise.
  • Bonus to the employees either on affair occasions or as associate rate incentives for his or her contribution to the high performance of the firm.
  • Social security blessings for worker welfare like provident fund, reward, medical facilities, compensation, and insurance policies.
  • Varying kinds and sort of leaves so that the workers would possibly strengthen themselves and contribute their best effort to the organization.
  • Workers’ agency desires to willingly retire from a corporation area unit provided several edges under the voluntary retirement scheme. Given the different techniques of employee edges, a firm may style, administer and manage a comprehensive bonus package for its workers adding on its work culture and structure took out.

 The employee benefits package may include the following:-


Wages refers to the complete pay package that associate degree worker receives annually. A healthy, skilled and devoted hands is the most precious quality of a winning organization. To learn, remember and develop such an organization or staff, they must be well rewarded for his or her services. A profitable wage structure is the dominating force, which motivates workers to contribute their greatest value to the enterprise.


Voluntary Retirement Scheme present globalized situation, the right features of the workforce used in associate organizations has become a necessary management strategy to satisfy the increased competition. The Voluntary Retirement Scheme(VRS) is the most humane technique to supply overall reduction within the existing strength of the workers. It’s a method employed by firms for providing individual users within the industrial unit. It’s currently an unremarkable methodology that wants to give off the surplus workforce and therefore improve the performance of the organization. It’s a generous, tax-free separation payment to direct the workers to willingly retire from the corporate. It’s additionally referred to as ‘Golden Handshake’ because it is that the golden route to retrenchment.


Bonus refers to the additional lump-sum financial gain, awarded by the associate organization to its workers typically on an associate annual basis. it should be provided to the workers on special occasions like festivals, New Year and different necessary celebrations. Some corporations even distribute bonuses to their workers as a token for his or her contribution to the high performance of the firm. All such gestures by associate enterprise facilitate in boosting the self-importance of the workers within their efforts yet as in the organization.


Leave refers to the absence of associate degree worker from his duty or work thanks to some certain reasons and with due permission of the leader or the organization. Staff in each organization ought to be given enough variety of leaves so that they will refresh and revitalize themselves and contribute their best effort to the organization. Leave policy could vary from one company to a different relying upon its work culture and organizational came upon.

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