Resume Service FAQs


Most frequent questions and answers

Visual Resume shows critical features attractively without elaborated details in the form of text and graphics. It is employer-friendly as they find it appealing and attractive. Also, job seekers tend to stand out.

Visual Resume includes all the benefits that come with our Textual Resume writing service. Besides, the Visual Resume contains illustrated presentations of your considerable skills to make a better impact on recruiters.

1.Visual presentations of the specific highlights of your profile, making it easier to scan.

2.Visuals that enhance the authenticity of your Resume.

3.It gives a unique look to your Resume that helps you to stand out.

4.Improved presentation of the information in your Textual Resume.

Many of our past customers have benefited from taking our services. However, due to the above reasons which are outside the control of CareerIvy, we do not guarantee interview calls or job placement on buying these services.

Once you register your concern with our customer service team, you will receive a response within 2 working days.

Your resume writing process starts only after we receive your full payment and updated resume, whichever is later. Once we receive both of the above,  the time taken for us to send you the first draft is as per the services you have availed.

The delivery time for various services is as below:

Resume Writing – Within 72 hours.

Cover Letter – Within 48 hours

CV Review – Within 72 hours

If you have availed the cover letter writing service with resume writing, you will receive your cover letter within 48 hours after you have approved your resume. In case you have availed cover letter writing service without resume writing, you will receive it within 72 hours after we receive your payment and updated resume.

Yes, some samples of developed profiles can be seen here.

Yes, we will finalize your resume only after you have approved the same over email.

You can send any visual or picture which relates to an important professional or academic milestone. Some examples could include picture of awards, ceremonies, research papers, certifications, cover slides of important presentations delivered, etc.