Is Remote Work really the ultimate future?

The concept of remote work came up with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution when the need for automation of the workforce arose. Currently, hashtags like #DigitalNomad, #WorkFromHome and #WorkFromAnywhere are ruling the social media.

Remote work was not acceptable by the employers a decade ago. They were concerned about the fact that the workforce readily diverts from work and that there will be no one to supervise them.

Just before the worldwide lock-down due to the outbreak of COVID-19, work-from-home was accelerating slowly into many companies. The pandemic fuelled the concept of remote workers.

Current situation of Remote Work

Research proves that more than half of the total employees are currently working from home. Most of the remote workers are finding it more productive while working from their own comfortable space.

The productivity of most of the employees has increased. They are meeting goals. There is much of mental stability among the employees and less of ruckus. For others, work from home is not bringing the maximum out of them.

We all are different and need a different environment to deliver our proficiency. Some people need to have supervision after each step, while others can work efficiently over initial monitoring. Some like to spend time with their peers while working, while others prefer their own company.

This forced remote working has given the corporate sectors a sense of flexibility towards the employee environment. The corporates who never believed in work from home efficiency, now prefer it. Employees are also able to judge their comfortable space.

Admittedly, there are sectors in which remote work is not possible. It is a difficult time for companies.

In the current situation, keeping in view the transmissible virus and the cloning efficiency, when no work was expected out of the companies, the work from home is blooming in the corporate sector.

The companies are also finding it more comfortable to cope up with the office expenses. When all the people are not coming to the office, the costs are significantly cut down, which is quite relieving for the corporate sectors in this time of drowning economy.

Future of Remote Work

The technological environment is growing drastically. Each sector is technologically increasing in all the terms. The communication channels are becoming smoother. The digital era is not very far away. The reach can be more accessible, and computers will replace human resources. Man’s role will be limited to operating such system or be engaged in strategical planning.

Researchers say that the lock-down is undoubtedly going to take about two years or more to ease down completely. People will have to maintain social distancing until then and take the prescribed precautions.

In this period, only remote work can help companies to cope up. The companies will start implementing remote work in their organizational structures.

Even after the current situation, and the arrival of normalcy, it will prove beneficial for the companies to hire more remote workers to increase their workforce and at the same time keep the costs at margin.

It is time that we start working on necessary technical skills and get thorough with the technological developments. Instead of going on with the same old traditional practices, we should learn new and fresh methods so that we do not lag with the digitalizing society.