How to look for a job during lockdown?

How to look for a job during lockdown?

The pandemic has shown its greatest ravage in the employment sector. The unemployment rates all over the world have increased like never before.

People are facing lay-offs and furloughs. They are hunting for openings that are not readily available.

The job -hunt was already a matter of fighting tooth and nail. Now, the arrival of the pandemic has made it even worse for the job-seekers.

There needs to be a change in your strategies for job -hunt with such changing situations. We understand that it is quite challenging to process some high-order plan of action when you feel insecure about your basic needs.

The only thing we have with ourselves is self-motivation and self-assurance. Here are some strategies that you need to implement to find a decent job for yourself:

1. Upgrade your resume

Time is the most significant investment. All that you have right now is time. So, channelize your time in the right direction. Find out the skills that lead to your substantial and sustainable growth in the future. Skills related to digitalization, communication, and strategical thinking.

Work on yourself and your CV to make it more relevant to the employers. Also, make your resume visually presentable and properly narrating your value and career objective.

2. Approach those firms that are currently hiring

Do not put your hands everywhere in search of a job. Keep the search limited and save your time and energy. Search for the sectors that are currently hiring. Within that sector, search for the positions available and match them with your skill set. Then, approach the company through various platforms.

All you need to do is strategize your search. Put your efforts in applying for just 5-6 companies through different platforms rather than applying to 20 different companies. Make sure; you are visible to them.

3. Go short -term

Thinking of long-term job opportunities and stability won’t help you in this condition of our economy. Be flexible and grab on even the smallest of opportunities.

We have no idea about the span that this turbulent economic situation will continue. So just think what you can do today, instead of thinking what will secure your future. Do not skip or ignore any developmental opportunity, just because it is not stable or promising enough.

4. Look for work from home opportunities.

As it is quite relevant that mostly those profiles are open in which work from home or remote work is possible. Hence, practice telecommunication and digitalization.

Many high-end companies are looking for remote employees. Apply to such positions, after you have practised the required skills and made it visible on your CV. Increase your online engagement and find the hiring companies, wherever it is possible. It is an excellent opportunity for you to secure an interim work.

5. Do not lose hope

Do not pre-assume that no organization is hiring right now. It is true that in such times, in most companies, the hiring process is on hold, but it is very much possible that the start-up in your town is looking for someone to handle their website.

Increase your social media engagement and visibility. Lastly, know the power of self-motivation. Do not lose yourself amidst all these; that will put a stop to your career planning. Having faith in the efforts is all that can take us somewhere.

There are multiple opportunities available to you. All you need to do is channelize your efforts in the right direction. Hitting the target with closed eyes is not going to help in any way. Use a research Strategy before taking any action.