How to be efficient at work from home?

How to be efficient at work from home?

Work from home was slowly getting into the
culture of a significant number of companies worldwide before the COVID-19
pandemic forced people to stay home and work.

Work from home has its pros and cons. People
are finding it very difficult to prove themselves and meet the deadlines. It is
reducing the efficiency of the employees.

It has become difficult for the employees to
stay focused and un-distracted. But, at least work from home is much better
than facing a layoff. Right?

Working in a comfortable space is beneficial,
but can be disturbing at the same time. Here are some of the fantastic ways by
which you can work efficiently and meet your deadlines on time.

your time

We all have that time when our brain is most
excitable, and you can be most productive. For some people, it is the mid-night
hours, and some find it in the morning hours. Work in those hours to get the
maximum out of yourself.

How to identify this span? It is simple –
experiment on yourself. Find out the time when the surrounding engagement is
the least. Automatically, your work engagement will increase.

Admittedly, there are certain areas in your
arena where time is specified. So, do your front-end work in the required
hours, and they let the back-end be a part of your maximum output hours

Find a place

After you have found out your productive part of the day,
search for that corner of your house, which matches your vibe. Again, find that
area where social engagement is the least and work engagement is the most.
Prepare your desk there and feel like you are in the office.

Create your suitable work environment to feel
like; you are at your workplace. By carrying your laptop, having a note pad and
a cup of coffee give a kick start to the professional work from home, rather
than that lazy and cosy environment.

Follow a schedule

You do have the freedom to work whenever you
want while staying at home. But not having a proper schedule for your day is a
bad idea. You will procrastinate more.

Differentiate your me-time and your work time.
And do only one thing at a time. Make a schedule for yourself that, defines
your activities according to your preferred time and stick to it.

Do not push yourself to follow it strictly.
Keep it dynamic by keeping the duration of work hours intact.

Make a to-do list

A to-do list always comes handy to keep track
of your work. Even if you have a digital to-do list platform for your office,
you should make a separate one for yourself. That list should include all the 
personal as well as
 activities that
you need to perform throughout the day.

Start your day by making a to-do list and end
it with analyzing your performance and efficiency towards it. This practice
will surely push you to do better the next day, hence improving your overall productivity.


Communication is a significant issue when it
comes to working from home. It is difficult to assign work or decode the same
in a thoroughly efficient way. Keeping the workflow smooth through the team is
a challenge. Thanks to the growing technology!

At this time, do not underestimate meetings.
Since our social interaction is negligible with the other co-workers and all
have their own time of doing the work, it is difficult to know what segment of
your work is carried on and when. So, keep your communication channels
well-built and flexible to keep going.

Do not
forget your flexibility

Do not indulge too much into work or restrict
yourself to your laptop. Enjoy this flexible time. Do not unnecessarily push
yourself to work. You were doing this already at your 
workplace. Find your
adequate time and work in that span.

Take multiple breaks in between and enjoy your
family time. Because going off the work for some time only increases your
productivity, never decreases it.

You and your senior may see a more proficient
side of you, while you work from home.

You are the creator of your environment.
Follow and master the tips mentioned above to stay efficient even while you are
working at home. You will surely find a more productive side of yours while
working from home.