Why is orientation in workplace important?

Orientation or Induction is the initial vital step within the method of human resource management. It involves making use of the recently appointed workers to the work atmosphere of the organization furthermore on the man workers. Induction could be a socialization method by that the organization seeks to establish a private agent for the accomplishment of its objectives. The new workers ought to be orientated to the organization and its policies, rules, and laws.

An induction or orientation program is meant to achieve the subsequent objectives:-

  1. To shape up the new worker’s confidence within the organization and themselves so that they could become an economical employee.
  2. To develop among the newcomers a sense of loyalty towards the organization.
  3. To encourage a detailed and welcoming relationship among the staff
  4. To confirm that the new workers don’t keyboard a misunderstanding and rejecting edge towards the organization or the duty.
  5. To provide the staff the compulsory data like facilities, rules, etc regarding the organization.

Generally, the method of orientation begins by taking the new workers round the works and offices of the corporate. The supervisor offers new workers’ introduction to the main employees and provides the in real-time required info regarding others additionally as regarding the organization so that he feels comfortable within the new surroundings. Lectures and discussions could also be organized to supply the required information and exploring. Guidebooks, manuals, and brochures might also be provided for the orientation of the new workers.

The information provided to the new employees, during the orientation process may include:-

  • Brief history of the Company
  • Operations and products of the company
  • Company’s organizational structure
  •  Location of departments and employee facilities
  •  Personnel policies and practices
  •  Rules and regulations
  • Employee activities
  •  Grievance procedure
  •  Safety measures
  • Standing orders

This orientation program must not be extended and it need not essentially tie an equivalent day once the staff is part of the organization. it should tend formally once it slow. Also, just in case of small companies, the induction program is probably going to be a lot of informal and short period. While, in huge organizations, it is a lot of the formal sorts and of longer period which can extend up to two to four weeks. Orientation programs may be within the kind of providing induction coaching to the new workers wherever area unit they’re familiarized with the work setting and also the other workers; the new employees are instructed basic techniques or ways to try and do the work that they’re recruited, etc.