How to get selected for a job?


The Selection may be a method of choosing the correct candidate with required qualifications and capabilities to fill the roles within the organization. The selection process varies from industry to industry, company to company and even amongst departments of the same company.

The selection procedure comprises of following systematic steps:

Preliminary Interview: The preliminary interview is additionally known as a screening interview. Here, the people area unit checked for his or her tutorial qualifications, skill sets, family backgrounds and their interest in working with the firm.

Formal Application Form: It is a brief written resume of the candidate showing his name, age, address, education, interests, experience etc. It provides basic data regarding the potential worker, which is helpful at the time of an interview.

Checking References: Reference checks should be done before interviewing a candidate so that the interviewer has correct information during his discussions with the prospective employees. Others believe that if references are area, unit checked within the correct manner, a great deal can be learnt about the person that an interview or test cannot elicit.

Selection Decision: This step involves qualifying and disqualifying candidates based on maximum or minimum scores obtained during the employment tests. This step also allows the short-listed candidates to confirm the job profile, the reporting lines, working hours, etc.

Physical or Medical Examination: Physical or medical examination is compulsory among most Indian organizations to ascertain the physical standard and fitness of prospective employees. Many organizations obtain medical claim and /or insurance policies for prospective employees which assures the employees regarding their health.

Final choice: The ultimate choice is that the final method that proves that the applier has qualified all the told rounds of the choice method and can be issued or associated an appointment letter.

Placement: This is the final step. A suitable job is allotted to the appointed candidate so that they’ll get the entire plan regarding the character of the task.

They get adjusted to the task and perform well in future with all capacities and strengths.