Create a Brand out of yourself

Personal Branding

Everyone looks out for their dream job. But is that job only your dream? No so how do you make sure you bag the opportunity leading towards your dream job? Making Brand of yourself 

While searching for job people often forget the most important factor of all i.e. personal branding. Personal Branding opens up a wide array of potential jobs as it helps to put up your best foot in front of employers and help to build up a good professional network.

Here are some ways you can build a personal brand to land into your dream career 

Consistency is the Key

Social Media Activity helps to give insight into your thought process and personality. Thus, be consistent on all social media platforms as it gives an impression of you to the respective employer even before the recruitment process begins.

Also, it is important to create a consistent image on all social media platforms. For example, your image on Facebook should match with that on LinkedIn.

Never lose your identity

Your Identity matters the most, that’s what makes you stand apart from the crowd. Remember never try to show yourself as a perfect human being because honestly it gives an impression of a pretentious person and no one likes that.

Show off your hobbies. You love watching Star Wars, make it public but in a manner that doesn’t make you look unprofessional.

Highlight your Achievements

Use Social Media as tools to highlight your achievements, your accomplishments are results of your hard work and plays a major role to build up your name as a brand in front of employers.

Take a few moments from your life to brag yourself on Social Media in a humble way of course. Post stories on Instagram, tweet about it or if not, anything spread the word on WhatsApp.

Discuss and Debate Online

Online discussions and debates are an effective way of showcasing your intellect and gain a reputation in the market

Platforms like Quora or Reddit are an excellent way to engage yourself in discussions related to fields that interest you or are relevant to your career.

This also helps to gain more knowledge as many industry experts and professionals also take part in these discussions. Thus, you are making contacts in the industry that will indirectly support your career in the long run. 

Avoid proving others wrong and stick to your opinion. This gives your account credibility and authenticity.

Adopt an proactive approach

When in search of a job, don’t just sit and wait instead post about it in a regular period. This acts as a step forward to letting the prospective employer know that you are available and the right man for the job.

However, the post for job requirements must be in a sophisticated way. For example, ‘looking for new avenues to explore’ sounds professional as compared to ‘need job’.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to show yourself as an interesting and competent prospect and make sure a large pool of people realizes and acknowledge your talent and qualities.

Take our 20 to 30 minutes daily to build the most important brand of your life and work on it regularly.