Manpower management is an integral business management. It is all pervasive to operate and is performed by all managers at the least bit levels in an organization. Personnel managers or human resource managers interpret the progressive desires of the organization and direct individual potential towards a typical goal. These days human resource is taken to be the most necessary resource as a result of the effective usage of the opposite resources of the organization, which depends upon the management of the personnel of the organization. Human resources is appreciated in worth because the time progresses in terms of acquisition of data and skill. They have inherent dynamism and potential for development.
Managing human resource may be a continuous method as there are always some changes within the workforce of an organization. It facilitates human relationships in order that every worker derives personal satisfaction associated optimally towards realization of overall goals of an organization. The changes within the business surroundings with increasing economic process, dynamic demographics of the workforce, multiplied profitability as results of growth, technological changes, intellectual capital and therefore the endless changes that organizations are undergoing have light-emitting diode for the multiplied importance of management of human resources. The idea of Human Resource Management strategy is that of development of innovation skills and power, improve quality of performance of workers associated to cut back prices in an organization by motivating staff to apply their best efforts, skills and information towards their work and organization.

The specific objectives of personnel management are: –

1. To build and maintain cordial relations between folks performing at totally different levels of the organization.
2. To guarantee effective usage of these on the market human resources.
3. To offer truthful operating conditions, wages and amenities to the workers.
4. To attain the event of every individual worker to his/her fullest potential.

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