How to Evaluate, Accept, Reject, or Negotiate a Job Offer

Congratulations! You got the job. Deciding whether or not to accept it could be a tough task. And if not, what’s the most effective way to decline a job offer if it’s not the proper job for you? Here are some suggestions to assist you to figure out if the job is correct for you or not.

First, you need to acknowledge that receiving a job represents a “new and completely different phase” of the work search method. The consequent stage is analyzing and then negotiating the job offer together with your new employee. Bear in mind that albeit the work is yours if you would like it, you should be overenthusiastic in your dealings together with your prospective manager. Employers got to feel that you simply are committed and the only one made for the job.

Next, you should suppose, what matters to you in each of your skilled and personal life. After all, money is barely one part of career satisfaction. One will assume some prospects that may build the work more appetizing like having access to a mentoring program, a rotation program, or an academic allowance.

The rest is classic negotiation. You can’t work out everything, and once you’ve agreed on one thing you can’t back out. It’s not what you demand; it’s how you demand it. Be well-prepared, respectful, and constructive. You would like to be seen as somebody they need to share a platform with.

Ideally, there’ll be some offer and absorb in these negotiations, however, if you retain developing against a ‘no’ for everything you demand, that demonstrates inflexibility on the part of your employer, which might rather be a management vogue you don’t wish to measure with. Heed red flags. If due diligence tells you that you simply mustn’t take the work, listen. Besides, there’s no shame in declining employment offer if it’s not the proper match. As long as you switch it down courteously with one or two smart reasons you shouldn’t feel bad regarding it.

Principles to recollect:


  • Think regarding what would you wish out of your job and use that as a framework to see what would you like to change.
  • Be selective regarding what you block on.
  • Apply classic negotiation techniques by maximizing the value of the items you’re ready to just accept and minimizing the items you ask for.


  • Be vital or suspicious once you are questioning anything regarding the offer.
  • Neglect to contemplate your walk alternatives.
  • Ignore red flags. If your instincts and due diligence tell you that you simply mustn’t take the work, listen.