How to make a successful Career Switch?

How to make a successful Career Switch

Do you always find yourself looking at the clock and waiting for it to turn to 6 so you can finally leave this place of trouble? Don’t worry you are not the only one. Being stuck in a job that does not kick you or is past your interest can often be frustrating.No issues remember it is always possible to change your field of career and also succeed while doing it.

1. What makes you enjoy life?

There is no point switching your existing established career into something you are not interested in.

Therefore, make a list of your interests, likes, and dislikes. Figure out the reasons that make your current work dull and disinteresting.

This more difficult than it sounds. Figuring out what you like and are passionate about can be pretty tricky and difficult to give some time and thought into it before proceeding forward.

Ask yourself ‘What makes me happy’ and go forward looking into prospective fields related to the answer you get.


2. Make a list

After shortlisting your interests and things you are passionate about, list the careers that require your interests as its core activity.

For example, if you like to travel then search for a career in the same field. It may be in Aviation Management or an explorer blog writer

Important thing is to match your interests with the skills you possess.

Just because you love traveling does not mean you can become a Pilot unless you have the necessary skills to do so!


3. Search and Research

To make an informed choice you must research the industry you wanna get into. Bigger is the magnitude of change, more thought must be given into the research

For being successful in your new career obtain as much knowledge related to it as you can before even applying for the job.

4. Take the Call

After all this hard work and efforts, it’s time to decide with full confidence and with a positive attitude

5. Develop an Action Plan

Change is not easy. Therefore, it’s wise to develop an action plan for a smooth transition into the new career. Set up new objectives and personal goals, meet with new industry experts and connect with existing professionals.

6. Personal Brand

Keep updating your brand. It shows your dedication to your new field and also gives a boost to your new career. It includes making amendments in your resume, portfolio and cover letter to inform the world that you are all in and confident about your decision.

7. Start Networking

In any career Who you know is as much important as What do you know about that field.

So, start socializing and building your network. Attend Network and industry-related events regularly to stay connected with other people in your line of work

8. Train, Develop and Grow

Just because your new job is related to your interest doesn’t mean you are fully competent for the work. So, broaden your horizon by training and developing your skills constantly. Keep asking for suggestions from the experts, Maybe apply for an internship or do some certification courses.


9. Job Hunt

Dig all learnings about things to do before applying for a job. Build a strong profile and highlight yourself as a confident and able candidate.

Do your thorough research of the company before applying.

Also, be patient, Job Opportunity does not arise overnight so trust yourself and don’t take too much stress in case of early failure.

10. Give up the EGO

It’s important to realize that you have entered a new career and have to begin from scratch. Ss don’t expect for a high-level job early. You have to start from low and work your way up the corporate ladder. But if you work hard enough with dedication, you’ll find a new level of success and this time it’s in your work of interest.

Your New Career Awaits

Career Change is not an easy process and requires a lot of time and efforts but do not give up as the results of this hustle would provide you with forever satisfaction